Saturday 21 May 2011

New Master Craftsman in Hairdressing

I'm so proud to have received this award from The Hairdressing Council.
It glorifies me and gives new clients the confidence to get in touch.
How did I acheive it?
I completed my training in Cardiff and then after a few years
Opened my own salon in St John's Wood London
Which I ran for ten years and then sold for a profit
I'm pleased to say
After that I've worked as a mobile hairdresser for many years
Evolving into a very competent bridal hairdresser too.

I've hung the award on my wall at home
And it shines like the sun

Wednesday 11 August 2010

I Did Two Brides in One Day

And the Bridesmaid too!
It really was quite remarkable
The 10am Wedding was booked well in advance
No problem
But the 2nd Wedding was booked with little notice
All I could suggest was to start at 6am
I managed it though...
Woke up at 2am
Left the house at 4.30am to get there on time
A bit cruel for me but well worth doing
For such a good cause
The early Bride was young and excited
She gave me such a hug at the end
She nearly broke my back
I wasn't expecting that
The next Bride was more settled and calm
And the day for her started slowly
I gave the Bridesmaid a high-top new look as well
And finished feeling well-tired at 3pm
It was a super day in every way with good memories
I added new photos from the day to my Bridal Hair Slideshow
Take a look now and enjoy!

Thursday 4 February 2010

A Landmark Victory

I was recently called out to work at the Landmark Hotel
A beautiful 5 star hotel in London
I was challenged with the task of doing 2 hair updos
For two beautiful women
And it wasn't easy...
They knew exactly what they wanted
An Amy Winehouse top with a back sweep to the side
Into a fan of hair
Very exciting but a bit of a fight of wills to achieve it
Everyone was happy but there was no time to be nice
They had to go on stage to receive a beauty award
No time to take a pic of it all
The pictures were taken by the Press at the event
There is hard work behind the glamour!
You know

Wednesday 13 January 2010

Bleach It Like Beckham

I had a good laugh with a client today
Doing highlights and a David Beckham haircut
I used my nuclear secret bleach formula
And the hair was super-blonde in 30 minutes
Then the haircut which I think
Looks a bit silly really
A spiky quiff in the front and soppy sides
All done...
When I glanced up at him as I was tidying up
It was David Beckham
Spitting image
The only difference being
This guy is useless at football
Oh well...

Sunday 13 December 2009

Christmas Rush For Hairdos

Everybody has been hanging on
Until the last moment
To get their chemical work done
That means perms and colours
Even silver highlights...
All the regulars are already booked in
For Christmas and New Year
And we're swapping Christmas cards too
And eating mince pies
It's all very nice indeed
And the big question is
What are you doing for Christmas?
I don't know yet...
If I'm lucky
I might spend it with the wrong girl
Or on my own again
Listening to carols and jazz on the radio
Eating Christmas pudding
The telly will be good too
I wouldn't mind seeing the fireworks on the Thames
On New Year's Eve
A Happy Christmas To You All

Saturday 7 November 2009

There Is Such A Thing As A Free Lunch

I'll explain...
One of my ladies was on her way to the local shop.
She met a neighbour who complimented her on her hairdo
And asked who had done it.
She recommended me and the neighbour called me
To make an appointment.
The neighbour was so pleased with me
That she invited the lady out to lunch at the local Inn.
Very posh it is...
The lady felt a bit embarrassed about it
Not used to such a high-life!
Good eh?

Sunday 17 May 2009

Free Diet eBook

Hello :)
I've decided to release the eBook
I wrote free of charge.
This is because I want people to read it
And lose the weight
That will change their lives forever.
The joy that awaits you is immense
So hesitate not...
Download the ebook from my site now
And read it on your computer
Enjoy being slim...
And if you live in London
Let me do your hair too